Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boredom Beater: A book and a banana

Being unemployed has caused me to closely reevaluate my spending habits. I noticed one of my biggest habits from my former working life was spending money when I was bored. For example, I'm chronically early, so when I had fifteen minutes to kill I'd go into a boutique and buy a little fancy soap or desk trinket. Or I'd hop into a cafe and grab a latte and a cookie just to pass the time. A lot of times I didn't even really want the food or the trinket-it was just a habit. 

Now that I'm unemployed, I am much stricter about eating only when I'm actually hungry and buying things that I actually need or at least genuinely want. As such, I've had to find new creative ways to kill fifteen minutes. 

The best way I've found is to always pack a banana and a good book in my purse. That way, wherever I am, I can find a bench and enjoy fifteen minutes of page-turning potassium boosting:) This new habit works really well and I almost always feel infinitely better after this new little respite. In fact, I plan to continue this habit even after I get a new job. 

Other good options include going for a little walk, calling a friend, or taking a picture or two. What's your favorite boredom-beater? Do tell in the comments below!